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An integrated healthcare ERP system can help an organization improve patient care and better compete in the marketplace.

Today’s healthcare organizations require streamlined administration and clear visibility across the organization. The implementation of EMRs such as Epic, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, such as PeopleSoft, are typically two of the largest, most complex projects that health organizations undertake. That said, it’s crucial these systems are integrated. A certified partner with Oracle and a preferred vendor with Epic, New Resources Consulting provides a proven consulting partnership with professionals certified in both systems, a thorough understanding of relevant business processes, and the technical skills to successfully integrate the two systems. Contact Us today to learn more.

Integration Services
Integration Services

As an enterprise solution, HSG can integrate your ERP and EMR systems for:

  • Improved revenue cycle management
  • Improved supply chain management
  • A more complete, secure electronic patient record
  • Integrated workflows that streamline processes for both the clinical and business sides
  • Meeting meaningful use/quality KPIs and business intelligence objectives
  • Round-the-clock support through our managed services model
  • And more

Extend the value of your existing IT investments by integrating your EMR and ERP systems today and let us help you create a more valuable IT network that aligns with the continuum of care, resulting in better outcomes, reduced costs and increased clinician and patient satisfaction.

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