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Legacy Data Archiving

Help your physicians be more productive. The Healthcare Solutions Group ensures that physicians are at the center of it all. The adoption and systematic use of an Electronic Medical Reporting (EMR) system in medical practices remains problematic for many U.S. physicians. This lack of physician utilization can result in lost revenue, incomplete patient records and reduced quality care.

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Project Resources

The following roles and responsibilities illustrate the level of resources available to an organization during the Legacy Data Archive process.

  • Project Manager: Manages team responsible for executing the retirement of approved applications and meeting specified data access and data retention requirements.
  • Business Analyst (Data Access): Works with business SMEs to gather business requirements for views, queries and reports against the archived data and creates technical specifications working with technical SMEs for each application.
  • Business Analyst (Data Retention/Governance): Gathers business and legal requirements for retention of archived data and creates technical specifications to translate stated policies into archive entities and retention rules.
  • Archive Expert(s): Executes the extract, load, and verify steps required to retire an application and develops Archive Entities for Access and Retention.
  • Query/Report Developers: Develops Data Discovery Portal queries and other reporting tool queries and reports based on specifications provided.
  • Data Security Advisor: Provides advisory role to ensure that security standards met by source applications are applied appropriately to archived data.
  • Legal Advisor: Provides advisory role to define data retention requirements for the permanent deletion of archived data and assists in determine of Data Use Agreements with vendors.
  • Enterprise Architect: Sets standards for tools used for archiving, verification, query and reporting, and data security. Assists with architecture design and capacity planning.
  • Trainer: Provides training for business, audit, and legal users, as required, for new data access mechanisms
Customized Services
  • Defined and proven healthcare legacy data archival process
  • Demonstrated experience to archive against multiple healthcare source systems
  • Proven expertise to design, build and operate archive services
  • Knowledge of healthcare business processes associated with each source application
  • Ability to operate and maintain archive services to provide ongoing access to archived data
  • Capability to define and implement retention policies

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